Mt Ruapehu

Mt Ruapehu


cable car
On the Cable Car it was so quiet in the cable car.There are 2 cable cars at Wellington.On the hill you could see the view on Wellington.
bee hive
Thst building is called the bee hive.The prime minister goes into the the Bee Hive.Did you know parlarment meetings are'nt in the Bee Hive.
wind mill
Near Carterton you can see the solar powered windmills.You can them on state highway 2 and 3.
weatpac studiam
At the stadium the Phoenix VS Sydney were playing when got to Wellington.the phoenix won the soccer game by (Phoenix 4-2 Sydney).The train station is next to the Westpac Stadium.

By Aaron

Maori village (Rotorua)

maori village
Rotorua has lots of steam in the Ground.Also there were many steam places at Rotorua.The steam smells like boiled eggs.The Maori village was a museum.

Splash planet (Napier)

splash planet
At Splash Planet the slide are awesome.The pool was cold there and we had a great time.

banper ride
On the bumper boats you bump people.I liked get wet when I got bumped to someone.

On the formula fun karts on the first try I was first place.In the second round I was but someone crashed into me and then I had no fuel left.And then I had to wait until the other cars finished the race then I came last.I was number 10 when someone crashed into me.

The train goes round the the park.But we didn't go in the train.We saw the train going round and round the park many times.

By Aaron

Rotorua luge

We had to get up the top of the mountain to get the luge.First we had to the scenic track because it was our first time on that day to the luge.There was 3 tracks at the luge.There was a gingerbread house inside the luge restaurant.You can have dinner at the luge.When you get to the bottom of the luge you go on a chair lift.

by Aaron

luge gondraI went to the luge in Rotorua to ride fun tracks curves and down hill tracks.

A & M's Mum

Author:A & M's Mum
I am from Japan and I have lived in NZ for 10 years. My husband is a kiwi.Our children were born in NZ.
Photo edit & some text by Aaron